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Infectious Disease PCR Identification

Our panels are all PCR, which is the Gold Standard due to its 98% accuracy, and sensitivity. Our panels include: Respiratory, Covid-19, UTI, GI, Nail, STI, Wound, Women’s Health, Urinalysis.

Concierge Services

We assist our clients and patients, 7 days/week to collect and help facilities during this major shortage of nursing and staff. We can also courier the specimen to our laboratory whether the patient is at home, at work, or in a facility.

Nationwide Services

 Renew Clinical Sciences is  headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. All of our lab services are available nationwide with next day shipping.

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Green Hills

We are your
Long-Term Laboratory Partner

Our company specializes in clinical laboratory services, with a focus on delivering timely and precise infectious disease test results while providing exceptional customer service. We have extensive knowledge and experience in infection prevention and control practices, which allows us to offer innovative and cutting-edge testing solutions that promote antibiotic stewardship and improve the health and well-being of our clients.

At our laboratory, we approach each sample with care and consideration, recognizing that every sample represents a unique individual with their own specific healthcare needs. We are dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized care to all patients who entrust us with their health.

Ease of Billing

If you receive an Explanation of Benefits(EOB) from your insurance provider, please contact us for questions. We provide multiple payment options for patient balances, making healthcare more accessible and stress-free.

Unique Approach

We utilize innovative technology and cutting-edge laboratory processes to deliver faster, more accurate test results while providing compassionate, personalized care to all patients.

Personalized Medicine

Our company is advancing personalized healthcare options to help individuals achieve better health outcomes through innovative solutions and tailored care.

Covid-19 Testing Services

Our company recognizes the critical importance of infection control and easy access to testing in a variety of settings, including nursing homes, workplaces, treatment facilities, home care, and physician groups. We have developed several innovative programs to help businesses and corporations implement easy and convenient COVID-19 testing solutions.

Our tried-and-true program has already been successfully implemented and utilized to keep staff, patients, and customers safe from infection. We are committed to providing comprehensive testing solutions that meet the unique needs of each business, regardless of the number of patients that need to be tested.

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Our Concierge Program 

Our commitment to convenience and accessibility extends to all our testing programs, which include concierge courier pick-up services and private in-home testing options. We understand the critical importance of accurate testing and infection control, and we strive to deliver innovative solutions that help people stay safe and healthy during the ongoing pandemic.


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6850 Manhattan Blvd, Ste 501

Fort Worth, Texas 76120

Phone: 682-213-2214

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